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In pursuit of further enriched information society
To the world and to the future

Alps System Integration Co., Ltd. (ALSI) spun off in 1990 from the information system department of Alps Electric Co., Ltd. - a global electronic component vendor. As a system integrator that inherits "craftsmanship DNA" at the Alps group companies, we have continued to offer our own creative solutions, well supported by our solid production know-how and expertise. Presently with "Manufacturing", "Security" and "Firmware" as our core businesses, we are strenuously striving for pursuing the ideal of engineering skills. Furthermore, we set to work on globalizing our business activities, for example by establishing an office in China. Each one of our employees with such craftsmanship DNA takes on a new challenge. IT innovations on a global scale will increasingly become intensified. We are, as a system producer to offer true satisfactions to our global clients, committed to strive toward the achievement of richer information society.

Alps System Integration Co., Ltd.
Norio Asaji, President and CEO

Norio Asaji, President and CEO
Head Office 1-7, Yukigaya-otsukamachi, Ota-ku, Tokyo 145-0067
Tokyo Sales Office 1-7, Yukigaya-otsukamachi, Ota-ku, Tokyo 145-0067
Furukawa Sales Office 6-3-36 Furukawanakazato, Osaski-shi, Miyagi 989-6143
Sendai Sales Office GrandShario Bldg 5F,Futsuka-machi, Aoba-ku,
Sendai-shi, Miyagi 980-0802
Nagoya Sales Office Kitamura-daini Bldg 4F, 2-210 Kamiyashiro Meito-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 465-0025
Osaka Sales Office 3-18-14, Izumi-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka 564-0041
Fukuoka Sales Office 5th Floor, 3rd Hakata kaisei Bldg., 1-3-6, Hakata-eki-minami,
Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0016
April 2, 1990
250 million Yen
Annual Revenue
5.465 billion Yen (March, 2012)
Number of Employees
257 (As of June, 2012)
With our "wisdom" and "know-how" cultivated by the system development, operations and maintenance businesses at the Alps group companies, we offer complete solutions; operations, design and technical management, and production and logistic control. With our own IT technology developed by a user perspective, a manufacturing flow of design, production and logistic, is supported faster, safely and without waste.

We offer cutting-edge security system package solutions to tighten corporate security control and to prevent information leakage and data tampering. Such product includes "InterSafe WebFilter "- a product with the top market share in the Web filtering software market for internet access control, and "DocumentSecurity" - a product to prevent an unauthorized access in offices. They help achieve a safe and comfortable IT environment.

In the further expanding firmware market, we globally provide our revolutionary solutions, on the foundation of our own control program technology. By leveraging the know-how accumulated at the Alps group companies on development support and systematic education, and preparing a productivity oriented development environment, we always value quality of human resources and technologies, in order to promote the cutting-edge firmware businesses.
Board of Directors
Norio Asaji, President and CEO
Daiji Koshiishi, Senior Managing Director
Toshikazu Tanhimura, Executive Director
Takahashi Yoshihiro, Director
Satoshi Hakozaki, Director
Junichi Ono, Director
Jinya Nagakura, Director
Mitsuo Arai, Corporate Auditor
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