Corporate Profile

Business summary

ALSI provides 4 IT solutions those are applications for business, IT securities, embedded and AI/IoT.

Digital Solutions

Security Solutions

Embedded Solutions

IoT Solutions

Digital Solutions

We support our clients' digital innovation in the "Digital transformation", utilizing "ALSI Connected Solutions" to respond with speed and flexibility.

Here at ALPSALPINE GROUP we use our business innovation know-how and IT technology acquired over many years with advanced to support our clients' digital innovation and help them succeed with their digital transformation. Working closely with our clients, we deliver solutions that have "practical, on-the-ground applications".

Our Products & Services

Business efficiency solutions

We support clients' business efficiency through our range of business innovation solutions for core business including our ERP Connected Application System (ECOAS) and our cloud-based expense settlement service "Bizutto Keihi".

Data management solutions

We offer critical integrated platform system solutions that work to integrate and link system and master data from various unconnected sources, be they in the cloud or on-site.

Enterprise systems solutions

From system implementation to maintenance and operation, our skilled engineers support clients in the core business support systems that form based on business operations. These are designed to suit the specific needs of manufacturing companies.

Communication infrastructure solutions

Solutions to underpin your internal and external communications including everything from planning, system building and operation and through to business optimization using our AI Assistant Chat Bot, ASBOT.

Log Analysis

A log management product that enables analysis after log separation and collection. As well as holistic log management, this is a SIEM solution that can undertake correlation analysis in real time.

Infrastructure Solutions

Know-how-based, best-fit solutions for a range of fields including manufacturing, local government and education. Including consultation, hardware/software selection and procurement, and system building, operation and maintenance.

Security Solutions

Protecting and leveraging your information
Keeping you safe and secure using our know-how and technology.

While cyberattacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, the internet is indispensable for businesses. ALSI's security solutions address both internet access management and information leakage prevention to deliver valuable, holistic security solutions.

Our Products & Services

Internet Access Management

By our market shere number 1* web filtering software, InterSafe WebFilter, we provide access management for your entire business including on PC, mobile, smart devices.
*Source:IDC Japan, July 2020"Japan IT Security Products Market Shares, 2019: External Threat Measures and Internal Threat Measures Market" (J45147520)

DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

Preventing data loss from devices before it happens through our most advanced and comprehensive device management and encryption technology.

Embedded Solutions

Creating a rich, cutting-edge experience for your car, household appliances and control systems.

Many devices such as cars, audio visual devices, air-conditioners and rice cookers are becoming intelligent. Firmware connects with such devices to run and manage them precisely and accurately. This truly an area where we can showcase ALSI's strengths.

Making comfort and convenience a reality for various parts of society

ALPS ALPINE'S electronic components are supported by ALSI from within, utilizing our full, collective know-how in product development, beginning at the design stage.

A development environment constantly anticipating "beyond cutting edge"

While pursuing new software technology, we undertake algorithm development to deliver the latest solutions with a high level of value adding.

Cultivating a hybrid of skills in staff

We work to develop well-rounded staff who, in addition to software skills, are also armed with know-how and knowledge in other areas that can be leveraged in firmware development.

AI Solutions

Converting communication to information assets through AI.
Connecting two-way communication with data utilization.

In our AI Informative Communication Service (AICS)we use the versatile function modules of the "InterPlay Elastic Framework" AI Platform to achieve a variety of solutions. Our service contributes to the improvement of productivity and user experience across a broad range of business types, including everything from customer service to office work and manufacturing.

ALSI, unique in its work to accelerate the fusion of AI and IoT

By combining ALSI's knowledge and know-how on "smartification" (built on our background in IoTs) with two-way AI communication, we can gather customer behavior such as purchases, logs and location, as information. Linking with a variety of systems from ERP to CRM and POS can support marketing activities to make your business soar. With ALSI, you can expect great things from the fusion of AI and IoT and its future evolution.

IoT Solutions

Together with our partners,
We offer IoT that aligns with our customers to support service development

Rooted in co-development with our partners, ALSI's IoT Solutions is steadily growing across a range of areas and in new business creation. We offer IoT that aligns with our clients and supports the service development of our partners.

Tackling the area of IoT service development together with our partners

Many companies are actually missing a piece in the process of the "servitization" of sensors, ideas and discovering needs. By working together with partner companies, ALSI's IoT business aims to create value-added IoT services that meet clients needs.

IoT solutions for factories and distribution

There remain many taxing jobs or "future" problems, even in factories that are working to increase convenience and automation in manufacturing. Even the distribution industry has a broad range of challenges, such as supply-chain optimization and increasing business efficiency. With the launch of its IoT service development, ALSI focuses on needs such as these, or never before seen value-adding services.